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Outsourcing brings many benefits, from greater flexibility to cost saving, allowing companies to concentrate on what they need to do to grow.

That focus on key activity is more important than ever as customers become more demanding and the pace of business change continues to speed up.

It’s why today’s businesses need to be increasingly agile, developing new products or services and paying greater attention to their customers. That’s particularly true in the world of fashion, which has seasonal changes in demand and also requires a constantly-changing product range.

That need to focus on core activity was the reason that Powder Design, the independent fashion and lifestyle label, came to SYKES for fulfilment services.

A SYKES/Powder Case Study

Created in 2009, Powder has a reputation for creating unique clothing and accessories that their customers just love to wear.

Their collections, for men, women and kids, are available online, in some 1,000 stores in the UK, with the company also moving into the International marketplace.

With growing sales and a product range of over 600 fashion items and accessories, Powder took the decision to appoint SYKES to handle a range of outsourced services.

Not only did that decision allow Powder to concentrate on what it does best – designing and manufacturing fabulous clothing and accessories – it also reduced their overall fulfilment costs.

With full systems integration, SYKES provides an end-to-end service that includes order preparation, delivery management, returns management, inventory management and stock replenishment planning.

It’s also a service that is scalable, with Powder continuing to grow, and with its product ranges and packaging designed to encourage gift giving – particularly around peak periods such as Christmas.

SYKES’ total fulfilment solution is not only saving Powder money, but has also improved customer satisfaction, with orders, deliveries and returns being handled reliably and consistently.

It’s a good example of a company taking the decision to concentrate on what they do best, and outsourcing to a company that does fulfilment best.

To find out more about how SYKES and Powder Design, take a look at our Case Study!


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