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SYKES Fulfilment Services, in one form or another, has been in business for some 170 years.  That gives us a lengthy perspective and unique expertise.

Over the years, our team has dispatched millions of items, working nationally and internationally for clients large and small.

It’s an end-to-end solution for companies requiring an integrated product handling and delivery service, as well as a complete logistics solution.

But we also now provide a complex and vital service for a client closer to home – SYKES.

In the past few years, communications and technology advances have made it possible for people to efficiently and effectively Work At Home (WAH) as customer service or technical support representatives.

At SYKES, we see it as nothing less than the future of work, giving us access to fluent language speakers and skilled people who might be living in rural or remote places, or anywhere across Europe.

That brings new opportunities to fulfil projects cost-effectively and flexibly, while bringing employment to people who might otherwise have been excluded from the jobs market.

The WAH concept has been embraced by SYKES, with the SYKESHome IT team providing the necessary communications and technology infrastructure where it’s needed.

But for WAH to work, each new agent needs a full operational kit, including computer, monitor, keyboard, software as well as peripherals such as headsets.

That’s where SYKES Fulfilment Services comes in because we configure, build and ship the kits across Europe.

It can be an enormously complex task because the core setup is defined by each client’s business need and each kit is collated with the agent in mind, so a standard English keyboard will be entirely different to, say, a Turkish or Arabic keyboard.

And, for example, a German speaker living in Romania may want a German keyboard rather than a local one.

This is a good example of end-to-end SYKES teamwork, with the fulfilment team playing their part in making the whole WAH operation function effectively and efficiently.

It’s also an exercise in supply chain management, with expensive computer equipment being warehoused centrally in Galashiels.

Our role is to fulfil the needs of our own WAH programme, from warehousing all components to on-demand printing of welcome letters and training documentation.

We also manage delivery to agents with most shipping for next day delivery to some countries and others taking 2-3 working days.

This complex fulfilment programme, across Europe, many languages and device types neatly demonstrates how SYKES offers excellence in an end-to-end WAH service that continues to grow in scope and scale.

WAH is the future of customer service work, and we’re proud to be supporting our most demanding client – ourselves.

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