SYKES is a major employer

In our locality and beyond, SYKES employs over 55,000 people

SYKES Global Services is a major employer in the Scottish Borders, the UK and across Europe. As such, job opportunities in many diverse roles exist and are constantly becoming available.

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Meet the team

Paul McDonald

Paul | Director Strategic Accounts & Global Fulfilment Manager

Having worked for SYKES for 30 years, Paul has gained huge experience across a number of teams, involving many of the company’s sites.

In his current role, Paul manages the relationship between key clients and the SYKES operational team, ensuring a strong connection between internal and external parties, while also ensuring that commitments are met .

For these key clients, Paul looks after contact centre and fulfilment related-operations, overseeing multiple teams across international sites, and supporting local account managers.

Over the years, Paul has identified changing client business needs and priorities, adapting solutions provided for best outcomes.

Kevin Matheson

Kevin | Warehouse and Fulfilment Manager

Kevin joined SYKES in the assembly team on leaving school 24 years ago – and never left!

Progressing through different roles, he has gained great insight across different operating areas of the organisation. Today, Kevin uses his wealth of experience in managing the warehouse and fulfilment teams, covering pick/pack, inventory management, materials handling, and general shipping.

Having witnessed significant changes in the organisation and our client base, Kevin continues to grow and develop with the business, embracing new developments and challenges.

Wilma Turnbull

Wilma | Senior Team Lead, Assembly

Wilma first joined SYKES 29 years ago in the assembly team. Since then, she has experienced a number of roles, including shift-working and team leadership, before taking her current position as Senior Team Lead.

Today, Wilma manages all assembly activities, and is responsible for planning and scheduling training, allocating workload, and managing resources to ensure that each client’s needs are covered on a daily basis.

Wilma enjoys the diversity of the work and the various challenges experienced. But it’s the culture and closeness of the team that has kept her here for so long.

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